1. Who is Manulife?

Manulife Financial is one of the largest life insurance companies in North America servicing one in five Canadians.  Clients look to Manulife for strong, reliable, trustworthy and forward thinking solutions for their most significant insurance decisions. For more information, please visit

2. Can members earn Aeroplan Miles with Manulife?

No, the agreement signed between Aeroplan and Manulife does not permit mileage accrual.

3. Can members purchase Manulife Insurance with Aeroplan Miles?

No, the agreement signed between Aeroplan and Manulife does not permit mileage redemption.

4. How do members purchase Manulife Insurance?

Members can purchase Manulife Insurance
four different ways:
1.    During the online flight  booking process on Aeroplan.com
2.    Online at (
www.aeroplan.com/manulife or www.aeroplan.com/manuvie)
3.    Through the Contact Centre via a transfer to a Manulife agent
English: 1-844-845-4412 (toll free)
French:  1-844-644-2353 (toll free)
4.    Via the Manulife Call Centre toll free number:

5. What types of coverage are available with Manulife? 

While booking flights online at aeroplan.com, members can choose from the following three plans:


Non-Medical Inclusive

Global Medical

Members can book through
www.aeroplan.com/manulife or contact the Manulife Call Centre to purchase additional types of travel insurance coverage, such as Annual Plans, Rental Vehicle Damage or Trip Cancellation and Interruption.

6. What is the “cancel for any reason” benefit?

Manulife offers a “cancel for any reason” benefit.  This benefit means a member can cancel for any reason if they cancel 14 days or more before departure.  Manulife will pay up to 50% of the covered amount of the prepaid and non-refundable portion of the trip.  

The “cancel for any reason” benefit applies on all trip cancellation policies or packages that include trip cancellation insurance except for youth policies.  This benefit applies if the member purchases their policy within 72 hours of booking their trip and before any cancellation penalties become applicable.    

7. Does Manulife travel insurance cover Aeroplan booking, change and refund fees?

No. Travel insurance does not automatically cover Aeroplan fees. You can cover your Aeroplan fees with trip cancellation and interruption insurance by adding the Aeroplan fee in the Trip Cost section in addition to your other non-refundable travel costs. We recommend adding $200 per person to ensure sufficient coverage for refunds.

8. Can members cancel their insurance after they have purchased it?

Members have 48 business hours to cancel their policy and receive a full refund that includes trip cancellation insurance.  For Residents of Quebec, they have 10 business days for a full refund unless their departure date is within 10 days of purchase. Several other products offer refunds, please call Manulife for more details.

A policy can also be refunded if the trip is cancelled and members are receiving a full refund or full credit of prepaid travel arrangements from the Travel Supplier; there should be no cancellation penalties.

9. Who takes care of our members at destination?  Will they be returned to Canada if they are ill or injured?  Will up- front payments be provided in the case of emergency medical?

In case of an emergency, illness or injury, when a member is travelling anywhere in the world, members can call the Active Care Management
- toll free 24/7, 365 days per year.

ACM-Emergency Assistance (toll free) 1 855 849 1633
ACM-Emergency Assistance (collect) 1 519 251 4075
ACM-Claims Status Inquiries- (toll free) 1 855 849 1633

This number can be found on the policy cover and/or wallet card.

The 24/7 service and collect calling numbers will provide access to caring professionals to assist members wherever they may be.  The Manulife World product provides up-front payments in the case of emergency medical situations
whenever possibleActive Care Management verifies coverage, arranges for necessary emergency transport, manages their care with medical providers, will liaise with your clients’ physicians back home, assists in repatriation, approval of necessary treatments and more.

10. Who do members call for all Claim questions?

Members can contact the following:
Active Care Management
1 855 849 1633

Hours of operation:
Monday-Friday 8:30-5pm EST

11. When can members purchase a policy?
It is recommended members purchase an insurance policy when they book their trip to be covered right away for the unexpected.  They can however purchase a policy any time before travel; the policy starts on the day they purchase it. In order for the member to be eligible for the “Cancel for Any Reason” benefit, they need to purchase the policy within 72 hours of booking their trip.

12. Can a member insure a portion of their trip they did not book with Aeroplan?  
Yes, members can insure travel arrangements that were not booked through Aeroplan by indicating the amount to insure in the section called
Trip Cost.

13. Can members buy insurance after they’ve started their trip?
No. Coverage must be purchased prior to departure. However, if they already have coverage in place, they can be issued a top up or an extension of their coverage should they need to stay longer (providing there have been no claims paid/pending during this trip on file).

14. Who should members call in case of a question or a problem?

Members can contact Manulife Customer Service at:

1 844 261 0164
Press #1 for Sales
Press #2 for Customer Service & General Inquiries

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