If you haven’t accumulated or redeemed Aeroplan Miles for a period of 18 consecutive months, the miles in your Aeroplan Account will expire. Should your points expire – not to worry. Here are a few ways you can get them back:

Fly with Air Canada 
We’ll automatically reactivate all of your miles if you fly with Air Canada within 6 months of expiry. 

Get an Aeroplan credit card 
Reactivate your miles by getting an Aeroplan credit card within 6 months. 

Buy back your points 
You may buy back some or all of your expired miles at any time, at a cost of 1¢ per point, a $30 administration fee, and applicable taxes.  

Reinstate expired miles 
You can request missing miles for past purchases made with our travel partners before your miles expired, even if you didn’t provide your Aeroplan number. If successful, your miles will be reinstated. You can claim miles for: 

  • A hotel stay or car rental within the last 6 months. 

  • A flight booking within 11 months of the flight departure date. Some exceptions apply. 

Learn more about our 18-month inactivity policy.

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